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    The success of AKCENTA CZ in 2016 was the result of its acquisition of foreign markets

    11. 06. 2017


    The year 2016 was a successful year for AKCENTA CZ. Its net profit exceeded its expectations, mainly thanks to the successful acquisition of foreign markets which the company actively entered in the previous years.

    Hradec Králové, 12 June 2017 - AKCENTA CZ, a payment institution that executes foreign payments and foreign exchange operations for exporters and importers, posted a net profit of CZK 29 million in 2016. The profit is above the company's expectations, even in the situation where it invested more heavily in its preparation to enter other European markets, especially the German one, and in the purchase and reconstruction of new, modern office space.

    "The good business results are mainly a result of our business successes in neighbouring markets, where the volume of our client transactions grew by 47 % in Poland and by 76 % in Hungary, for example. However, we have also grown on the Czech market, despite its "conservatism" given by the interventions of the CNB. This is mainly due to the increased interest of clients in derivative transactions predominantly in the second half of the year," added Milan Cerman, Chairman of the AKCENTA CZ Board of Directors. 

    AKCENTA CZ is one of the most important foreign exchange traders on the Czech market and in Central Europe with a 20-year tradition. In addition to the advantageous individual exchange rates for the purchase and sale of foreign exchanges and the minimal payment charges, it also offers hedges against exchange rate risks (forward contracts and options). The company is also actively operating in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. The client portfolio consists of more than 30 000 entities, mostly small and medium-sized companies that are oriented in export or import. AKCENTA CZ is a purely Czech company. 

    AKCENTA CZ is the holder of a license (Ref. No.: 2011/1199/570) for the activities of a payment institution under Act No. 284/2009 Coll. Section 3, Para. a) b) c) e) f), on Payments. As one of the two non-banking foreign exchange companies in the Czech Republic, it holds a license for trading securities, which entitles it to offer a whole range of instruments for eliminating exchange rate risk. 

    For more information, please contact Jan Vlček (PR and Communications) at +420 731 646 527 or at the e-mail jan.vlcek@akcenta.eu

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